It has come to our attention lately that currently there are a whole new breed of fakes out there, ones who have newly arrived on to the BDSM scene and for a short period of time ( for some even less than a month ) training to become a Dominatrix. With them having dreams of the lavish lifestyle that being a Dominatrix can have. These are the ones who have come out on a popular adult website touting themselves now as seasoned professionals..

This is a suggestion for bottoms/submissives who should inquire about the potential Dominatrix, about how long they have trained for and who trained them.

Hopefully the new Dominatrix just didn't read a book or article or watch a popular movie and slap someone's ass and now they want to get paid for it.. And Yes, every few years there are those who appear on the scene trying to pass off as a well trained, even some as seasoned Dominatrixes. With next to nothing in the way of training.

We're not trying to target anyone in specific, especially anybody on this website. And we're certainly not going to mud sling here either.  We want to shed some light on the people using that popular adult website to stir up business and simply not having any or enough training prior to the session. Assuming that spanking and yelling are enough because that's what they saw on a porno once. Thinking that they can also do it because they feel it's simple.

No, it is NOT simple!

In writing this we know that some will misunderstand the intent of the article,  we're not suggesting the bottom/submissive question every single thing about the Dominatrixes, nor gathering the other villagers with their pitch forks and torches to go on a witch hunt.  All we're suggesting is that the bottom ask questions about new to the lifestyle Dominatrix. As not all are Fakes and actually do have training.  Find out some facts on the Dominatrix before arrangement of play happens. Because of what we love to do, things can go sideways extremely quick..

Mainly this article is about, common sense. Ask questions before play and that goes for the play mate or even the professional.  Be sure Consent was given!

After all, it is the bottom's/submissive's ass at stake..

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