Your first meeting

Your first meeting in person with a Dominatrix from Vancouver should go something like this. The initial meeting could be in a restaurant or coffee shop.  You'd be dressed in Vanilla clothing, acting natural and over all;




Also, have ID to prove your 18+ in age!

Do NOT demand anything.  Don't come with instructions, diagrams or power point presentations, to show how you want "your" scene to go. It's a scene and the Dominant is the one to dictate how the scene goes. It's about submission to that Dominatrix and her time.

It's Not all about you!

Be grateful for the time provided to you.  Vancouver Dominatrixes are often busy women, and often cannot always afford the time to be present for your sniveling.. Be grateful for the time you spend at the meeting, and possibly later having a scene.

If the conversation is getting a little detailed, as some kinky conversations can get, consider going for a walk around the establishment.  In the past, we've had to step outside a time or two to discuss kinky scene planning.

State your hard limits, soft limits. Have an idea of what you will do and won't do. Learn about Consent, and then you will have to Consent to the actions that are conducted inside a Dungeon, before any scenes take place. I am pretty sure that she won't consent to you showing up late, or being ignorant or uneducated. If you are green, state it at time of negotiations.

Do your own research, not just watching some porn on the net, and now you're the expert...

Don't expect to have a scene inside the coffee shop, a time and place for an appointment will be made either there or through emails.

Often Dominatrixes will go to Munches around Vancouver, these munches are a great way to introduce yourself, naturally. There are only adults at these munches. Yet often held in a restaurant or coffee shop.  Again, dress causally. This is still NOT the time or place for a scene, only to discuss scene creation.

Don't be a Time Waster!

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