Realizing that the article meant for a specific demographic from within the kink world.

We've heard this complaint numerous times throughout the years of the seemly eternal question;  "Why do I have to provide a tribute?"

I cannot speak for all the other Dominatrixes out there, or just the ones around our lovely city of Vancouver.  I will speak for myself, it's all about my Time!


Not yours, You want to spend time with me, the Dominatrix, then get my attention, with all the BS with those who would constantly contact me, either through a provided phone number or email. It was constant. I'm sure that Phone Tag is a popular game, that lead to soiled panty wearers..

Those Time Wasters, who used to contact me, constantly on me about possible Lifestyle playing only on their schedule or the freebies, the eternal quest for more freebies. The potential submissives who would hit reply as if it was a food pellet dispenser..

The ones who wanted a sample,  I'll bet one of the final clients I had, the one who soiled himself, right there, right in the packed coffee shop, where his sample that he begged for, was a sample of me getting angry with him. Most likely, that was the real scene he's been fantasizing for years about..

Question?  Do you ask your Dentist for freebies? No wait, you get those at the end of the dental appointment in the neat little advertised baggie, with floss! How nice..

You actually pay a tribute to the Dentist as a diagnostic fee.

Do you ask your Doctor for freebies? No, they just charge you more for whatever that service was. Send you off with a another prescription, something you can hold with your grimy little hands.

So why then do those ask Dominatrices in Vancouver to provide freebies?

The time it takes for the scheduling of even just a first meeting, just over coffee. Plus it's so much more than just the making the initial appointment, it's the arranging of locations, arranging of equipment, the discussion over location of which place should host the scene,will there be video or a photographer?

Some scenes take planning!

It our article, Fakes, we addressed the wannabe Dommes the watched a movie or two on BDSM with no experienced those wannabe Dominants that some times infiltrate our ranks. Similar to the Predator Pro-Dommes article on another site.


Predator Pro-Dommes

Besides, nobody is holding any proverbial gun to your head. You don't have to pay a tribute. You don't have to seek out a Dominatrix to fulfill your fantasies either.

In the end, its all about your Consent.


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