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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Q: Why this site?

A: There hasn't been a directory for Dominatrixes in Vancouver, until this website. And most Dominatrixes don't want to spend their time linking their site all over the internet.
This is a free reciprocal link listing service for any Vancouver Dominatrix. If they want more of a advertising presence, we can accommodate.

Q: Do you arrange meetings with Dominatrixes?

A: No, we are not a introduction service. We also cannot guarantee your session with a Dominatrix. We have no association with any one particular Dominatrix.

Q: Do you provide billing for a Dominatrix?

A: No we do not, we are only a directory. This is completely between you and the Dominatrix for her time!

Q: Can you suggest a particular Dominatrix?

A: We cannot suggest any one Dominatrix, each Dominatrix has their own specialty.

Q: Will you have a rating system for each Dominatrix?

A: We cannot show favoritism,  as it would most definitely be abused..

Q: Do you have paid advertising on Vancouver Dominatrix Directory?

A: Yes we do have banners advertising packages available. Please inquire using this link Paid Advertising.

Q: I have sent my request sometime ago to be included on the Vancouver Dominatrix Directory, why is it not appearing yet?

A: We have a schedule, we do the free inclusion updates every two weeks to a month. and the reciprocal link exchanges weekly. Paid Advertising gets our attention the most..

Q: My website has been live for years now, why is my website not on this directory yet?

A: The search engines aren't really going to care if you haven't submitted your website to them properly or if or have had mistakes on your website. Some search engines will even remove your website from their search results. And if we can't see it, or we get no response from emailing the administration of the website, we can't include it.

Or since there are so many specialties of Femdom services in and around Vancouver, BC we may have not found it. Please use this link to send us your website information on the Vancouver Dominatrix Directory.