Reciprocal Link Exchange

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Reciprocal Link Exchange

Please refer to the non-link exchange inclusions to the Vancouver Dominatrix Directory.

Receive a DoFollow back link as a text link. Sign your site up for free. We'd like a reciprocal link in return, hence the word reciprocal. Thanks.

We do constantly check our link back. Be sure to inform us if you no longer want traffic being sent to your site and we'll remove your link. If that is what you want/need.

Our quick link for non-reciprocal linking is:

<a href=“”></a>

Graphical link - Right click the banner below and Save As, then upload to your website. Please no hot-linking.



Reciprocal Link Exchange setup:

When filling out the form for the Vancouver Dominatrix Reciprocal Link Exchange, ensure you have included a description of your website and services. Please use the Legend BDSM page to describe what services you provide and include them in the description field. Unique services can be included.

Contact us for any concerns or questions.

Promoting Dominatrixes in Beautiful Vancouver BC!

Use this to transmit your title.
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This area takes 140 characters for a description.
No male Dominants as this is for a Dominatrix website directory.
Please be sure to include the link ( or URL ) from your website where our link will appear.